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At the Initial Consultation, your images are digitally screened through our Posture Analysis software program to give a Posture Number, which allows us to further evaluate the condition of your spine.

Posture Analysis & Number

Meaning of the Posture Number

0-5, Well done! Little to no structural stress is detected, monitor and re-evaluate in 6 months.
6-10, Beginning of structural stress and increased tension on the musculo-skeletal system, monitor closely and re-evaluate in 90 days.

11-15, Structural stress is evident, a full chiropractic exam is recommended promptly to detect beginnings of VSC.

16-20, Stress and tension are causing symptoms that need to be addressed immediately with chiropractic care.

20-30, Structural damage is occurring and needs to be prevented and corrected with chiropractic care.

30+, Structural damage has occurred and chronic problems already exist, life-long chiropractic care is likely to be necessary.