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Chiropractic Terminology

Acute Pain or Acute Traumatic Injury - Generally attributed to soft tissue damage, such as muscle, tendon and ligaments. An injury that occurs due to traumatic and unexpected events such as a fall, sporting injury or car accident. Generally lasting less than 3 months.     Adjustment - A chiropractic technique whereby gentle yet specific pressure is applied to subluxations (misalignment of the vertebrae) to help relieve pressure on spinal nerves and restore the bone to its correct alignment.     Antalgic - An abnormal posture or gait assumed to avoid or lessen pain.     Arthritis - The gradual breakdown/deterioration of joint spaces.     Atlas - The Atlas (C1) is the top vertebra of the spine. It supports the head at the base of the skull.     Atrophy - This refers to withering, or shrinkage. Causes of atrophy can include decreased workload, loss of nerve supply, inadequate nutrition, substance abuse and loss of hormonal stimulation.     Back Pain - Pain experienced in one or more areas of the back.     Best Chiropractor in Cairns - Dr. Dennis W. Collis, DC in Cairns North.     Biomechanics - The science and study of movement.     Bulging Disc - A common and painful condition affecting the spine, frequently the lumbar region, which occurs when a disc distends through a crevice in the spine.     Bursitis - A painful condition with symptoms including warmth and pain around the affected joint. Generally worse after use of the joint.     Cairns - Where our practice is located – Dr. Dennis W.Collis DC in Cairns North.     Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - A progressive and occasionally painful joint condition caused by compression of median nerves in the hand.     Cervical Vertebrae - The seven vertebrae immediately extending from the base of the skull.     Chiropractic - A gentle, non-invasive allied health care system which diagnoses and treats mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system.     Chiropractor - A healthcare professional who specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of neuromusculoskeletal system issues.     
Chronic Pain - Pain lasting longer than 3 months.     Coccyx - Commonly known as the tailbone.     D.C. - Abbreviation for “Doctor of Chiropractic”     Degenerative disc disease - As the spine ages, discs degenerate, leading to decreased efficiency of the spinal joint as the inner core of the discs leak proteins which can inflame nerve roots.     Denneroll – A firm piece of specially shaped foam placed under the patient’s neck to gently encourage the neck to move back into optimal placement.     Dynamics - The mechanics of the body in motion.     Ergonomics - The study of how we sit/stand at work and recommendations for modifying key factors.     Chiropractic - A gentle, non-invasive allied health care system which diagnoses and treats mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system.     Exercise Therapy - Frequently recommended by Chiropractors to assist in the management of pain, rehabilitation and to help restore normal range of motion.     Herniated Disc - A relatively common disorder whereby a disc ruptures and shifts position, consequently irritating the spinal nerves. Frequently occurs in the lumbar region.     Ice Therapy - The application of ice to treat acute injuries. Highly recommended on the basis that “heat expands, cold contracts”, meaning that applying heat to an injury will expand the tissue pressing down on the injury thereby prolonging pain and recovery time; applying ice to an injury contracts inflamed tissue, reducing pressure on the injury and allowing quicker healing.     Inflammation - The body’s response to tissue injury.     Joints - A joint or articulation is the union between two or more bones.     Low Back Pain - Pain in the lumbar, sacral and/or gluteal regions.     Lumbago - Pain experienced in the mid and lower back.     Migraine Headache - A particularly debilitating form of headache tending to recur when blood vessels in the head and neck spasm, restricting blood flow to the brain. Sufferers frequently experience visual auras and other sensory disturbance.     Neck Pain - any pain occurring in the neck region. Osteoarthritis - A slowly progressing destruction of cartilage occurring in weight bearing joints and fingers.     Osteoporosis - Where normally mineralised bone starts to lose its density to the point where it no longer provides adequate support, often leading to fractures.     Referred Pain - Pain originating from the site of injury but felt at a distance, often quite remote from its source.     Scoliosis - Curvature of the spine, often beginning around the pre-teen years.     Sciatica Leg Pain - A painful condition in which the sciatic nerve (comprised of several smaller nerves grouped together in the pelvis) is injured. Causes pain, numbness and/or tingling in the buttocks, legs and feet.     Slipped Disc - An alternative name for a herniated or ruptured disc.     Spasm - Increased tension due to involuntary motor nerve activity.     Spinal Column - Bones in your back whose purpose is to protect your spinal cord and allow the body to move in different directions.     Subluxation - A term for misaligned vertebrae which can create pressure on the spinal nerves causing a variety of symptoms including pain and weakness.     Suboccipital Decompression - A tension release procedure for the upper neck.     Trigger point - A hyperirritable region of skeletal muscle which hurts when compressed and may cause referred pain, tenderness and impaired movement.     Vertebral Bodies - The 24 moveable bones comprising the “support column” to hold up the spine.     Vertebral Discs - Collagen discs which act as shock absorbers in the spine.     Whiplash - A potentially serious injury to the neck or cervical spine occurring when the muscles are hyperextended, often the result of a car accident.

Chiropractic Glossary

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