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Dr Collis has completed a specialist chiropractic course in "Essentials of Effective Scoliosis Management" in order keep abreast of current research and best practice.

Scoliosis is an abnormal sideways curve of the spine. 

In profile, the healthy spine has three natural curves that form an ‘S’ shape: at the neck, upper back and lower back. From the back, a healthy spine should look straight. When a person has scoliosis, they have an abnormal sideways curve that makes the spine look tilted when viewed from the back. 

Scoliosis tends to develop in late childhood. About one in every two people is thought to have mild scoliosis, which is painless, does not worsen and does not need treatment. However, severe scoliosis is a painful and debilitating condition that tends to worsen with age. About three children out of every 1000 have scoliosis that needs treatment. 

Symptoms of Scoliosis can be mild, moderate or severe and may include the following:

* One shoulder tilted down towards a raised hip, as if the person is leaning sideways
* Prominent ribs
* A protruding shoulder blade
* Tilted waist
* The curve is more pronounced when the person bends forward.

If you think you or a loved one may have signs of scoliosis, call us to get it checked out!​