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How long will treatment last?

If you have a condition or injury causing serious pain, you'll likely need intensive treatment to start off with.

During the intensive treatment phase, you may require up to three adjustments a week, with a gradually decreasing number of weekly visits. This depends largely on your condition, how long you've had the condition, how severe your body's damage is and your level of pain, along with how well you respond to chiropractic care. 

If Dr Collis recommends that in your case you start with three adjustments a week initially, the reason is likely to be that your body has been out of alignment for some time and has overcompensated for that, resulting in pain and incorrect posture. The chiropractic adjustment will gently push the spine back into more normal alignment. Your body is not used to this, and wants to go back to the way it is used to holding itself. Once you have received a few adjustments, your body will start to adopt the newer, more correct alignment. Bear in mind that if you want the best results in the shortest possible time, it is important to adhere to the recommended adjustment schedule and comply with any exercises or lifestyle changes recommended by Dr Collis. To explain it another way, it's a bit like your GP putting you on antibiotics twice a day for two weeks. If you choose to only take one antibiotic here and there or skip entire days, the problem is likely to worsen and take longer to treat. Similarly, if you choose to alter your recommended adjustment schedule, it will take longer for you to get better and out of pain. 

Dr Collis will re-examine you at regular intervals to assess progress. If things aren't improving, we want to know why. 

​Different chiropractors have different philosophies concerning adjustments. Dr Collis's goal is to restore function to help you return to your prior state of health.  

Treatment Duration

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